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The Lebanese Man and Me

This goes back many, many years to the mid-1980s; however, it is still relevant. I would like to preface the story by telling you I had just gotten out of school and was looking for work. Took a job cooking in a restaurant, and the chef at the place was a Lebanese guy. I don't know what happened to him, and I was gone in about a year, but I'll never forget one day working with him.

One time during the work day, I was singing Jesus Christ Superstar or something and he started to ask me about it. He asked me if I believed Jesus was the son of God and I said, "Yeah, don't you?" Well, he was a Muslim and he said "No" a little indignantly. He said he believed he was a prophet but not the son of God. I didn't know a thing back in those days, but he had talked about his family before and how he got to America. His family lived outside of Beirut, but when the civil war started he went to Germany and married an American soldier.

One day, I believe it was the 1988 elections, he was talking about how he wanted Bush (in Massachusetts, a Dukakis state, right?). Turned out the whole reason was over Israel, and the reason being the U.S. embassy location. Bush I wanted to leave it in Tel Aviv and Dukakis wanted to move it to Jerusalem, and I said something like, "So, what does it matter?"

He then began to mention Palestine and asking why the Palestinians should pay for something the Germans did, all that happened in Europe, etc. Now here is where the Zionist brainwashing curriculum comes in: I remember thinking at the time, "Wow, he really hates the Jews. They really are persecuted." Oh, HOW LITTLE I KNEW!! Oh, how the Zionist brainwashing works!!!

So I said something like, "Yeah, but the Jews didn't do anything to anybody," and he started to get animated, talking about their invasion of Lebanon (and he was a Sunni, too, readers, not a Shiite). He might have even mentioned Zionists but, I really didn't have any concept of that at the time.

And yet, I lived on for years believing the holohoax lies, the lies about poor Israel, the lies about poor, set upon Jews when the Zionist monsters are the worst of all!!! Just thinking back to 2006 and Lebanon, when I was aware of the truth (finally!!), I can COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND his exasperation at me!!!

Reflecting on that memory, readers, caused me to look further at my earlier education. One blogger noted somewhere that the Diaries of Anne Frank are required reading for junior-high students in America, with follow-up holocaust courses in high-school. There are always memorials, etc, for that particular event -- to the exclusion of ongoing, current holocausts or other omitted and less focused on slaughters of the past (Native Americans?).
I visited the holocaust museum in 1995 so that all had to be true, didn't it? So what if I thought the rail car was kind of small to put to death so many people; that thought soon evaporated.

What is really disturbing is the education I received in college. No where were we told that the Jews barged into Palestine and all the issues resulting from such. Zionism was a quick and passing reference in all the texts they gave me. In fact, looking back on my college years are somewhat humbling because I was a full lefty who believed all the bullshit!

I was even one up until 2003, believing the 9/11 cover-story (the lies of Iraq finally laid the truth bare to me) and all the other MSM bullshit.

That is, until the blogs came along, and my whole world opened up.

You'll never get my mind back now, gate-keeping liars!!!!
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