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Israel Kicks Palestinians Out

I guess they really didn't 'let" them in, 'eh?

Israeli troops screen Fatah followers allowed to enter Israel from Gaza
Israel allowed in the Fatah loyalists on Saturday

"Gaza fugitives 'being sent back'

A group of 188 Palestinians granted refuge in Israel amid deadly fighting between rival factions Hamas and Fatah are being returned to Gaza.

The men, members of a clan allied to Fatah, were allowed into Israel after fighting left nine dead on Saturday. Twenty-two of those who crossed the border were taken to hospitals in Israel for medical treatment, Israel's military said.

The Fatah supporters were handcuffed and stripped for security screening as they crossed into Israel.

While Hamas insists that Palestinian factional reconciliation is still possible, our correspondent says the weekend's events have put a huge strain on already bitter relations." 

I am really stunned at Hamas' patience and forgiveness, especially when everyone knows Fatah is working for USrael.

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