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Climate Change Causes Power Blackouts

I'm down to the last two MSM posts, and I am really struggling with the lying propaganda.

"Father, son join forces to solve a high-flying mystery in Andes" by Colin Nickerson, Globe Correspondent  |  November 10, 2008

NORWICH, Vt. - ....  Douglas R. Hardy - a climatologist with the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.... [and] glacier specialist with the UMass Climate System Research Center, is studying the dramatic shrinkage of the Quelccaya ice, a possible symptom of global warming."

Now it is just a possibility?  Not according to this next guy:

"A climate plan in peril?" by Jim Gomes  |  November 10, 2008

....  There is no longer any debate about the fundamental scientific question: The earth's climate is already changing, and human activities are the cause."

No longer any debate?  Really?

Scientist Shunned For Telling the Truth

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Not that it matters much, anyway, because the NEW TECHNOLOGIES are NOT ADEQUATE!

"Sun, wind power may threaten grid, report suggests" by Matthew L. Wald, New York Times News Service  |  November 10, 2008

WASHINGTON - Adding electricity from the wind and the sun could increase the frequency of blackouts and reduce the reliability of the nation's electrical grid, an industry report says. 

Translation: as this globalist agenda is shoved down your throat, you can expect a FURTHER DROP in your living standards, America!!!

The North American Electric Reliability Corp. says in a report scheduled for release today that unless appropriate measures are taken to improve transmission of electricity, rules reducing carbon dioxide emissions by utilities could impair the reliability of the power grid. The corporation is the industry body authorized by the federal government to enforce reliability rules for the interlocking system of electrical power generation and transmission.

Such carbon-reduction rules are already in place in 27 states and four Canadian provinces, and new ones could be mandated nationally in both countries. They may force changes in the utility industry, the group said, including the shutting down of coal plants that are located near load centers, and substituting power from wind turbines or solar plants in remote areas.  These actions would impose new demands on a transmission system that was never designed for large power transfers over extremely long distances.

The group also said that the carbon emission rules could increase reliance on natural gas, making power generation vulnerable to supply interruptions.  Carbon emission initiatives are the "number one emerging issue" for the grid, said Rick Sergel, president and chief executive of the group, which is based in Princeton, N.J. Renewable energy can form a larger portion of electricity supplies without reducing reliability, Sergel said, but not without investments in transmission. 

I'll bet the rich and wealthy won't have to worry!


The report calls for construction of new power lines, which has become more difficult in some regions because of the diminished clout of utilities and the growing strength of preservationists who are trying to protect rural areas.  One solution, it said, might be greater use of "demand-side resources," or deals with customers to cut consumption in periods of high energy use.

Preparing you for the future, America. You have no idea the hell the enviro-freaks are going to bring to you. You know, rather than worry about a FRAUDULENT PROBLEM created by GLOBAIST BENEFICIARIES, how about STOPPING the POLLUTION of the WAR MACHINE, et al? How about KEEPING the WATER CLEAR of prescription drugs and chemicals?

In these arrangements, some retail customers agree to have equipment like central air conditioners or swimming pool pumps controlled by utilities, which can limit their use at peak times. Some big customers, like factories, may voluntarily shut down on peak use days. Both groups get a discount or a regular payment in exchange for becoming "interruptible." 

Yeah, let the UTILITY CONTROL your POWER USE, sig heil, and SHUT the FACTORY DOWN!!



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