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The End of the Experiment?

What I mean by that is whether or not this blog will continue to pick up, post, and comment on the unending and ceaseless drivel of MSM lies and distortions.  As you can see from below, the experience has been neither pleasurable or fun, and is in fact getting worse by the day.  It is hard to believe; however, AmeriKa's MSM is so far gone in deceptions that it is awful to have to sift through their horrible propaganda day after day.  It is shallow propaganda, it covers up so many treacheries, and the outright lies are something to behold. 

The problem with this activity I used to enjoy (it is hard for me to believe that I once viewed the Zionist-controlled garbage as fair and objective) is that the lies, obfuscations, and hurtful agendas that are pushed by the mouthpiece media are not harmless or irrelevant; they are hurtful to the world's soul.  They have anesthetized the AmeriKan mind with their Zionist-soaked garbage while propagating lies of such evil that I am reduced to raging profanities at the brazeness of such total disinformation and propaganda. As an example, I am going to compare some pieces I found in my local (I buy on Sunday for friend so he can have sports) and you can compare them with some of the Globe stories I posted below.  I will offer a few comments; however, I am too exhausted to spew rage at the unrelenting lies in service of the wider agenda-push. 

I do wish Americans would put the pieces together about what is going on in this world, their country, and where it is headed.  I know it is difficult to come to grips with the truths that the bloggers off to the left (links) tell; however, it is imperative that you open your eyes, America.

The first thing I noticed was my local had local coverage of the JFK assassination anniversary. Nothing investigative, nothing probing, but at least they recogniized the man -- which is more than the Boston Globe did this weekend (and that tells you more about what is the BG).  My elation (and, by contrast, dejection) was quickly squelched. 

The next item I noticed was a brief about protesters in Iceland worried about the financial crisis.  Of course, the AmeriKan MSM would want to ignore those protests because you wouldn't want to be giving Americans any ideas (not that they would know what to do with them). 

As I flip through I notice all the same propaganda that the BG gives me; different authors and news organizations, but basically the same stuff. When I hit the Region section, I get a front-pager about the Green Conference over at UMass.  This dovetails in with the tv report I just saw where the churches around here are jumping on the fart mist fascista plan. They had the kids -- ALL BUNDLED UP in their WINTER GEAR -- passing out GLOBAL WARMING LEAFLETS!!  I mean, COME ON!!!!  Btw, the GROUND is FROZEN HERE!!!  I can't even get through one post with them without beginning to become irritated.  I'm just so sick of the damn lies I'm almost weeping! 

But it gets better (or worse).  I'd like to serve this one up in honor of my dumb-f*** state peers for rejecting the abolition of the income tax and who are now facing higher taxes and service cuts so we can pay off bank debt and fund corporations with taxpayer handouts (and in getting the sourced article, the news gets
worse again). 

"Big-name producers and directors will come to Massachusetts because it offers filmmakers a sales tax exemption and a 25 percent tax credit for payroll and production expenses, DiLorenzo said.  For its part, in addition to a zoning change, Plymouth's Town Meeting gave the developers a 75 percent break on the studio's real estate taxes for the first five years."

Yup, as SERVICES are GUTTED and TAXES GO UP in this state we are GIVING AWAY $$$ to HOLLYWOOD, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, HOLLYWOOD -- to the tune of nearly a billion a year!   Umm, you are GETTING WHAT YOU DESERVE, dumb-f*** Mass. residents and I think the "massachusetts" posts while be taking a reduction here.  Screw you dumb bastards!

Moving on, the next item is

"Twenty-two churches have stopped providing shelter to homeless New Yorkers -- on city orders. With temperatures below freezing on Saturday, the churches had to follow a city rule requiring faith-based shelters to be open at least five days a week -- or not at all. Arnold Cohen, president of the Partnership for the Homeless, a nonprofit that serves as a link between city officials and shelters, delivered the news to the churches several weeks ago that that they no longer qualify. As a result, hundreds of people now won't have a place to sleep, he said."

How many times do I have to type TRILLIONS for WARS and BANKS, etc, until you finally SEE what is GOING ON, America? When YOU are HOMELESS? 

And how about a nice lie to keep you going?   

My local has an article titled
: "Market for boats strong" 

The Boston Globe told me: "In turbulent economy, boat owners abandoning thousands of crafts"

So WHICH NEWSPAPER is the LIAR?  Do I really have to repeatedly make my point day after day, article after article?  The AmeriKan MSM is nothing more than a lying, divisive, hurtful, agenda-pushing, war-promoting, enemy-creating, scandalous piece of Zionist-controlled garbage.

Movin' on

"The cost of this success has been high for America, and some may argue it has not been worth the price. But it is still a succes."

That is BUSH'S FORMER SPEECHWRITER telling us Iraq is a SUCCESS. These people are SICK, readers!!!  I don't see how you can call that AGGRESSION based on LIES, that MASS-MURDERING and CRIMINAL OCCUPATION a SUCCESS!  I just don't see it, I'm sorry.  And it's been OVER FIVE YEARS now with NO END in sight (if you believe the "pullout" talk, then you are a fool and I wish you would click away from my blog right now)
!!!  Remember how EASY they told us it was all going to be?

Finally (and thankfully), I will end with this ridiculousness from the New York Times:

"Happy people spend a lot of time socializing, going to church and reading newspapers — but they don’t spend a lot of time watching television, a new study finds. That’s what unhappy people do.


But the researchers could not tell whether unhappy people watch more television or whether being glued to the set is what makes people unhappy

TV does make people unhappy: watching garbage propaganda will do that to you. That is why the television remains off.

“I don’t know that turning off the TV will make you more happy,” Dr. Robinson said. Still, he said, the data show that people who spend the most time watching television are least happy in the long run. Since the major predictor of how much time is spent watching television is whether someone works or not, Dr. Robinson added, it’s possible that
rising unemployment will lead to more TV time." 

Gee, that is the SECOND TIME the MSM has pushed the "
we'll all be watching tv because of the Grand Depression of 2009!" Think they are PUSHING an AGENDA or what?  WARNING YOU, America!

Of course, how that comes to grips with her
totally opposing viewpoint is up to you to figure out; I'm done.

Then again, maybe I should just sit back, take some time off and relax.  Maybe
Les Visible is correct and the only thing that can be done is to let these monsters destroy themselves; the protesting, the activism, and the will of the people sure didn't stop them, and I doubt anything will.  That's actulaly how I ended up blogging, folks.  There was nothing else left to do.  Anyhow, I'm not sure what the next few days will bring here.  I am appalled at the War Dailies that populate the news rack at the corner store.  Maybe that is a purchase I should cut back on.  Hey, I am (not proudly) a fool for continuing to purchase them at this late date.  The best thing that could happen to Amerika's newspapers is that they die.


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