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The Casting Lead Massacre

"Atrocious Images of the Zionist ” Casting Lead Massacre” - Gaza December 29 2008

Hiyam Noir, PalestineFreeVoice




December 29/30 2008 4:31am

GAZA - The Israelis are mobilising 6700 reservists in preparation for a ground incursion,and the Israeli minister of defense, Ehud Barak have officially declared war against Hamas.

In the third day of the Israelis war campaign against Gaza Strip,called “Casting Lead Operation” Israeli panzer and bulldozers are now deployed along the borders of the Palestinian territory. The senior Hamas official, Ghazi Hamad warned last night the warlord Ehud Barak, advising him to carefully watch his back.

“Ehud Barak will be the next target for assassination, if he continue the air strikes in Gaza Strip”. The border between Gaza and Israel have been declared a closed military zone. Earlier,in the past such a move has often followed by an Israeli ground attack on Gaza.

In three days,Israeli massive bombardment have killed over 300, including 23 children and injured more than 1.200 Gaza residents. In retaliation for Israelis atrocities in Gaza, condemned as war crimes by leaders in the Arab world, and by other leaders around the globe, Hamas will call for suicide bombers to attack inside Israel.

“You [Israelis] owe me,and you owe me big.You robbed me of my city and my property.You owe me reparations (which I know that you,or your children,will one day have to pay,and under duress if need be) for all the pain and unspeakable suffering you have put me, my family and my fellow exiles through…..”Author and political activist Fawaz Turki

Photo Fady Adwan
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